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My Girl

I realized that I have not posted a picture of Megan in a few days. It is not because I love her any less than the boys, it is because she is way to busy with friends to hang out with us anymore. When did my four year old turn into a teenager? She is all over the neighborhood with the cutest group of little girls. They are planning picnics, and swimming, and sleep overs and then she comes back to report to us. I hope she always has these girls in her life.

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One Month After Baby

Last summer I started to really make fitness a priority in my life. I committed to my gym and was a regular there, sometimes twice a day. I developed some short term and long term fitness goals for myself and was moving in the right direction, a direction that I had not been able to focus on for many years.

When I found out I was pregnant in early October I decided that this pregnancy would be different then the prior two. I really wanted to be in great shape when I delivered the baby. I stayed very committed to exercise and eating right. Through the first trimester I was even continuing two a day workouts. I felt fabulous (well, besides morning sickness). Up until the end of March, around my 27th week, I was feeling amazing. I even entered (and won!) Caitlin’s “Ironman March” challenge. Even though I was pregnant I felt like I was in the best shape I had been in for as long as I can remember.

Entering trimester three was really when my energy was zapped. I am not sure if it was because I was carrying an XL baby, or tons of extra fluid, or maybe it was just the stress of the end of the school year, but my fitness came to a screeching halt. I was just super tired and really did not have the energy t make it thought the day let alone head to the gym for a workout.

Now, about 4 months later, I am feeling like it is time to get back to getting to it. I am four weeks post pardum and I feel pretty much healed and am gaining energy daily. I had a relatively easy delivery with Ryan and I am attributing a lot of it to being in good shape. I had a ton of energy during the birth and felt super strong while pushing. I had very little tearing compared to the level 4 tears I had with Tyler. I am not ready to start any crazy exercise program until I see the doctor in two weeks, but slowly but surely I have been walking in my neighborhood, on the trails around my house, and I even went to the gym a couple of times.

One thing that has returned with a vengeance that I am not happy with is my appetite. I am starving ALL THE TIME!!!! I know breast feeding has a lot to do with it, but I have no self control. None. So, today I headed to Kroger and stocked up on some really healthy choices of foods and I am hoping to try and track my calories, not necessarily to diet, but to keep myself accountable to something. I simply cannot keep snacking all day long and feel good about myself.

It is not just that I want to be healthy and lose weight but I have to be healthy and lose weight…not just for myself but for my family. I not only want to be a great example to my kids but I want to be able to run with them and go on rides with them and be there for them.

I am going to try and commit to well day by day week by week. I will keep the blog posted with update son my progress. Like I said, nothing crazy because, after all, I did just have a baby. But, little by little I am going to be making big changes in my health and fitness over the next year.

Two pictures before I go, one crop, the morning before I gave birth and the other a week later. I love looking a these because I never realized my belly was so big!!!!

BEFORE(inside baby):
AFER(outside baby):


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Oh, Life

First off, shout out to my BFF for birthing the most beautiful baby boy yesterday. July 20 was a good day.

Now, let’s talk about the trenches…like, stuff is getting real around here. I have three kids and two hands and I am feeling a little like I could freak out a any moment. Alas, I know I am doing my best and this is certainly not a pity party because I could not be happier with my current situation, but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t difficult and sometimes too demanding. Here’s hoping it will get easier as the days progress, but I am not holding my breath.

I need to be more patient with my bigger kids. I have to remind myself that they are still little and I can’t expect them to act any other way than what a three and four year old would act. They are precious and curious and I do not want to be responsible for killing their spirits. However, I would love it if they just listened even 50% of the time. At the same time would be even better.

For instance this morning was a small victory as I toted all three to Kroger with me. It was a perfect shopping trip until Ryan had enough and was crying, Megan started crying for no reason (do 4 year old girls already have hormone issues?), and this happened…

20140721-113136.jpgMy precious toe-head walked right into the corner of my trunk as I was closing it. That was a Mom of the Year” moment. Emergency room avoided…he is fine.

20140721-113330.jpgBy the way, Tyler also vomited in our bed last night…good times!

I guess what I am trying to say is that I look like I may have it together but I definitely don’t have it together…not by any means. Raising healthy, (relatively) happy kids is a challenge even on our best days. Keeping them clean and fed is sometimes all you can do in a day. Super mom I am not…not even close.

In great news…we survived month #1. Yay for Ryan Robert, we love him so.


I will be back later today or tomorrow to talk about how things are going one month in.
For now, make it a good one?,

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Another Week Down

It’s been another busy week for us. Both Megan and Tyler attended Vacation Bible School at our church this week. VBS is a memory I have distinctly from childhood so this one of those full circle moments for me. When I was a kid we spent the majority of our summer in Buffalo where my extended family lived. I always remember going to VBS at St. John’s in Buffalo. What a neat way to meet new people and spend time with kids my age in a different city.

I have to admit, I was a bit worried for Tyler. He is a little bit shy and this was his first time being in his own so to speak. But our guy did awesome. I am proud of him.

Don’t they look so innocent and sweet?

Now I must show you the outtakes…



I love kids. This just goes to show no matter how many beautiful pictures you see on the Internet, there are several that need not be shown!

Anyway, I am so happy we were able to get it together to be on time and have a great week at VBS. but, I am also happy it is over and we can resume slow mornings and not rushing to get out of jammies and out of the house before 9am.

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I Love my Mommy

My mom has been with us on and off since Ryan was born. She spoils us by taking care of pretty much all of our housework, playing with Megan and Tyler, holding Ryan when we need an extra hand, and just doing everything. We love having her. In fact, when she leaves I cry, like real tears.

There is something about grandparents. They just love our kids unconditionally and it shows in everything they do. I have always been very close with my mom, but our relationship really blossomed when I became a mother myself.



I am already starting to get weepy…

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I Heart Summer

I love the summer. It is no coincidence that I am a teacher and I do not work in the summer that makes summer awesome. But I have always been a summer girl. I love the pool and hanging out outside, later nights, leisurely mornings, I could go on and on and on. Obviously, I just had a baby, so our summer looks a little bit different this year than it has in years past, but Ryan is fitting right in with our family. I think my kids are even confused by people who actually work in the summer which I is kind of funny.

Here are a couple of recent pool pictures. My kids, loving summer!



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Family Friday

It has been a good week…a week with very little sleep but good nonetheless. Let’s be real, having a newborn is hard. Really hard. It is difficult to figure out sleep schedules, eating schedules, and pooping schedules. But we are powering through and figuring it out and doing the best we can.
Physically I am feeling good. Aside from all the new mom stuff that happens. Three weeks in and I am trying to get up and moving everyday. Nothing monumental, but it feels good to get up and out everyday…getting out of pajamas is great for my mental health.

In great news…we had family pictures taken this week and to say I am pleased is the understatement of the year. I love them. They are precious.






My cup runnith over…

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This and That

Megan has been really into taking picture with my phone. Many of them are not worth keeping, but the one above just makes me happy. She was so proud of how it turned out. It was right before we headed out to to the pool and Ryan has on his shark hat. Too cute.

Currently I am feeding the baby while Tyler is sharing my seat and watching a show on his tablet. Megan and Shawn are still sleeping. This is pretty typical of our mornings this summer. We spend a good amount of time in pajamas, well, full disclosure, Tyler is naked from the waist down…potty training, meh.

20140708-081403.jpgAnother cute one taken by Meg

On Sunday night I took the three kids on our first trail walk of the summer. It was a perfect evening for it. They complained about being tired (typical) but it was so good to be out and moving.


I am tired but not totally exhausted. I have been I trying to get at least a 1/2 hour nap everyday. Shawn returns to work on Thursday which I am a bit sad about. It has been nice having him home. My mom is coming back this week which will be good. Vacation Bible School starts next week so we will need to get up and moving rather quickly next week…we will see how that goes.

I also tried out the Moby wrap the other day. Not so sure about it yet. I am going. To give it a few more times. I never “wore” Megan or Tyler so this is new to me but totally necessary.

I guess that’s all for now. Have a great Tuesday!

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Little Firecrackers

Is it weird that it feels like Ryan has always been a part of our family? I just love this little guy so much and he has really fit in perfectly with the life that we have created.

20140706-155547.jpg…and, he sleeps a lot!
I know it will not always be this easy to bring him everywhere and control feeding him and managing the other two, but I am thrilled to say that after just over two weeks we are not only surviving, but thriving.

20140706-155704.jpgAnd they love him so much!

We had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend. We participated in the local parade and stayed for fireworks on the actual 4th and it was so much fun. On the 5th our neighbors had an awesome party and fireworks that could really have been a public display. I know I have said it before, but I just love our neighborhood and our friends here. I really could not ask for more.


So I guess you could say I am happy, very very happy. I love my life and my kids and my family and friends. All is right in the world.

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Why Yes, I Did Have a Baby!

Last time I posted I had said that I would follow with a birth announcement. I am pleased that sit has only taken me a week to sit down and write this all out. At my last appointment on Monday, June 16 the doctor did a quick assessment and it was then decided that I needed an eviction notice. The baby was feeling huge, my fluid levels were consistent with gestational diabetes and it was difficult to walk. June 19 would be the date unless I went into natural labor on my own between then.

So, I did what any hugely pregnant person would do…I planned a last hurrah to Soak City with my family of four!




By Wednesday I was feeling ready to go…cramping, uncomfortable, irritable, hormonal, everything consistent with labor being eminent. We went to dinner with my mom and the kids and I got all my last minute things ready go for an early hospital visit in the morning.

20140627-121039.jpgMy last pregnant selfie!

We arrived at the hospital around 5:45 am and the check-in process went smoothly. By 6 am I was in a room and everything began to move. There was a bit of an issue with the fluid levels being so high that they could not detect if the baby’s head was down so I had one more ultrasound to assure baby was ready. After the IV was placed and monitors were set I was given Pitocin around 8am.

20140627-121408.jpgLooking ready to have a baby

I sent Shawn down to the cafe for breakfast and no sooner did he leave that my water broke naturally. Now, when I say my water broke please imagine enough water to fill a baby pool easily. I have never in my life felt anything like it and the water kept coming and coming and coming until I delivered. I kept saying it was a jacuzzi up in there!

Everything went well throughout the morning and my mom and Shawn’s mom and the kids came in around 12:30. At the at point I had had the epidural and was feeling pretty good. I was checked right before they came in and I was 5cm dilated and 80% effaced. So, I sent the family to lunch. I figured I had at least 4 hours.

20 minutes later I was feeling such extreme pressure that I called the nurse for another check. Sure enough, I was 10 cm and fully ready. She called the doctor. I called Shawn. It was show time.

Ryan Robert was born at 1:50 pm. He was beautiful. Love at first sight. I couldn’t stop crying. It really was a lovely birth. Ryan is a big boy…10 pound 15 ounces, 23.5 inches long.


Lots of drama ensured and Ryan spent the night in the Special Care Nursery, but things are fine now and we think he is just perfect!


I am feeling good and hope to be back ith a first week update soon.

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