A Date With My Little

Megan and Tyler went on a sleep over last night so Ryan and I got to spend some one on one time with each other. Honestly, I think this might be the first time we have ever been alone. We didn’t do anything special or significant, but it was good to soak in his smile and his laugh and his personality. My little guy is so darn cute.

The summer is coming to an abrupt end. I have been spending time reviewing my calendar for August and it is going to be crazy! I always forget (or maybe put out of my mind) the amount of work it takes to get my classroom in order for the fall. I love doing it, but oh the time suck it is.

Shawn and I are leaving on Monday for a short trip to celebrate 10 years of marriage…ALONE! It has been six years since we have spent any significant time without our kids. I know I will miss them, but I am going to enjoy sleeping in (without various children in my bed), going to the pool and lounging on a chair (without having to keep anyone from drowning), and eating dinner (sans cutting another person’s food). 

Yes, it is going to be glorious!


Memory Keeper

This summer I am making a HUGE effort to put down electronics and actually read books. Before I had kids I read about a book a week for almost 10 years! It was crazy. Now, my goal for the summer was 5 books. I am happy to report that I have met my goal and will be exceeding it! Yay me.

I just finished The Memory Keeper’s Daughter. I know I read it many years ago but it is a book I recommend to everyone so I wanted to do my due diligence and read it again. Oh man, it did not disappoint! What a heartbreaking story about how a web of lies can tear a family apart in ways you could not even imagine.  So good. I couldn’t even put it down. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and curl up on the couch ( or in a lounge chair at the pool) and get to it.

I also read Paper Towns. Funny story about this one. I bought the book when I was shopping at Kroger the other week and I actually didn’t even look at the title. I thought it was a new release by John Grisham and since I have always loved his books I knew I would enjoy it…Ha…to my great suprise, it was written by John Green, it is not a mystery/detective book, and it is about to become a major motion picture gearing towards teens.  Anyway, I thought it was great…very captivating, engaging, and I think it is going to be a great movie.

The other three books I read were The Happiness Project (it was alright), The Lifechanging Magic of Tiding Up (hated it), and I title that I can’t even remember at this moment (obviously, not great).

I am moving on today to Leap of Faith. I am hoping to use this book in my 8th grade Confirmation class this year, so I am praying it is a good one that will hold my attention and the attention of a bunch of 14 year olds. This will be a tall order, but the book has been recommended to me by many people.  So far so good.

In other news, we were in West Virginia over the weekend for a reunion and it was very nice. The kids had a great time running around in the country with cousins. I love family things and so does the hubby so it was a great weekend…oh, and Ryan slept in a hotel room!!! God bless his little heart, I was so proud!

I will sign off with a throw back picture from my baby shower for Megan…I can’t rbeleive she is starting kindergarten in a few short weeks !



A short break turned into a long break rather quickly. I guess living life has taken over my blogging time. I am making more of a conscious effort to read this summer then be in my phone all the time. At first it took some time to get used to, but now I am enjoying it. My goal was to read 5 books this summer, but I am going to try and stretch it to 10.  We will see.

Catching up…we went to Disney at the beginning of July which was a wonderful and tiring and glorious and stressful event. The kids loved it and we loved it but I don’t want to go back for at least 5-7 years.  


Everything else this summer has been pretty status quo…pools, friends, Kings Island, rinse and repeat.

I may be back in a few days, I may not. I guess I shall see.


I couldn’t let the day end without a shout out to the sweetest baby in the whole wide world!

Ryan, words will never be able to adequately express how much I love you.


Days Interrupted

a strange fever/slight illness/kind of a stomach flu is passing though our home. I have not had it, but everyone else has.  It’s latest victim is Megan…

She is missing a play date this morning and the sad look on her face about killed me.  Hence, I let her have the iPad because, tears.

Summer so far has been everything I have wanted it to be.  Lazy mornings, days at the pool, Kings Island, and later bed times.  It has been glorious.

We are pool people.  It is our happy place and has been the thing I loved most about summer since I was a kid.  I am planning on doing some swim lessons soon because everyone could use it. Megan is advanced enough this year to go off the diving board, down the slides, and climb the rock wall. She is an official big girl. Tyler is so much more comfortable in the pool then he was last summer. And Ryan is just a joy all the time.

I do love summer.

Oh, and this happened… 


We Made It

I’m on vacation!!!!!!!!!

Back in September I thought this day was so far off and in a blink here we are!  Words cannot begin to express how happy I am to be off for a few months.  I love my job and teaching is my calling in life…but, BUT, I love summer vacation.

I am ready for slow mornings, gym time, fun time, and just a whole lot of spending time with my family and friends.

There is so much good stuff to be happy with!  Ryan is 11 months old (my goodness this year flew by), Megan starts kindergarten in the fall, and Tyler is a crazy maniac.  Life is so so good!


Feeling Blah

have you ever just felt, well, blah? Like nothing is really exceptionally bad but nothing is exceptionally good either?  This is a strange spot to be in. I have so many personal things going on right now but oh so much to be happy about.  It is a strange place to be standing in. 

I have decided to make this the “Summer of Positivity.” And I am hoping that being positive and happy with life will bring me out of this blah phase.  I think I will start today. 

Three things I am feeling really positive about:

1.  School’s out! Two more in-service days and I am free for the next three months!

2. My kids are cute and relatively well behaved.

3. Turkey sandwiches with Colby jack cheese.  I really love those! 




 I have no idea who took these pictures or when they were taken.  Hahahahahahahahaha!