Back to Buff.

It’s not what you are thinking. Get your mind out of the gutter.

Me and my mom and the kids are going back to Buffalo tomorrow for the weekend. I am sad that my husband is not going and so is he. He has to work all weekend including Monday, so there is just no way. We will be spending Labor Day with our extended family on the lake in Canada.

Honestly, I am glad to just be getting away for a few days. These first two weeks of school have kicked my butt. I am tired and sore and cranky. And, i have a lot of things weighing on my mind right now. None that i feel comfortable talking about in this space right now.

But I know things will be awesome when I get to see all of my favorite family members!

a great group to be around

What are you doing this weekend?

I went on a trip today…

To the ER. My husband was sick and I needed to take him to the emergency room this morning. Everything is fine now, but here are a few things I learned today:

1. Even if you are clutching your side, laying on the ground and vomiting, they are not going to let you go past the gatekeeper without giving your first and last name and your birthday…this was not us, but a guy who came in at the same time as us.

2. The nicer you are to the nurses the nicer they will be to you. In the ER and in life in general please and thank you go a long way.

3. My husband is hilarious in times of stress.

4. I can handle seeing anything and I will.not.vomit.

5. I laugh at inopportune moments. I just cannot shut off my inner voice that can create comedy out of any situation.

6. Even though hospitals are supposed to be really clean, I felt like I needed a shower after I left.

That’s all. Have a good night.

Loving Church

This week was not a great church week for my family. My daughter was well behaved and quiet about eighty percent of the time. My son, yeah, the one who barely speaks and just is over-all happy all the time, was horrible today!!!!!! He was either screaming or whining or just saying words aloud at all times today. It was kind of embarrassing. But, hey, that is life!

So, to say I did not hear the sermon today would be an understatement. I was barely able to get it together enough to go to Communion. I did however come home and read the gospel. The gospel was about eating and drinking Jesus’ Body and Blood. Now I know some people are kind of weirded out about this and will say that it is cannibalism. If you are being literal you might think this. But, what I believe Jesus is saying it to take him in and experience his passion and death as the most generous thing a person can do. God quite literally sent his son as a sacrifice for our sins.

It really got me thinking (during the 3 minutes I had time to think today) about the things I would be willing to sacrifice for others. Sometimes I am so caught up in the day to day that I do not even stop and think about my relationship with God. I do not think I am unlike a lot of people. But I am really trying to improve my faith life. This past month I have been making a point to do nice things for other people. When I do I feel great. But sometimes I am just so busy or lazy or angry or you name the adjective to even want to do anything for anyone else, or even myself for that matter. I am also carving out a few minutes each day to sit with scripture and really pray.

I do think we need to be purposeful in our quest to not only live our best life on earth but to prepare ourselves for the ultimate prize which is a seat at the table in Heaven with our God. How do I do that? I am working on it…day by day, minute by minute.

Don’t let that adorable smile fool you…he is a maniac!

What We Ate

I read a lot of blogs and I am always interested in what people eat themselves and what they feed their children. I am by no means a gourmet cook. I do like to try new things and I am always looking for recipes to try. By nature I am a rule follower, so I tend to stick with the exact recipe and not stray from the directions.
I also try and feed Megan and Tyler a nice breakfast every morning (now, on the weekends). I feel like if we start the day on the right foot nutritionally, then all is not lost.

Today they had heart-smart waffles, Greek yogurt and fruit.


And they really seemed to like it!

Look at those smiling faces…they must really love their mommy!

I also like to start the day with a good breakfast. As you may or may not have gathered, I am trying (desperately) to lose weight. So, I like to start the day with a protein-packed breakfast to get me through the day.


looks like crap, tastes delicious

Today was an onion, olive, and spinach omelette with 2 eggs and a cup of Chai Honey Vanilla Tea on the side. Delicious and nutritious! Tyler also loves this…he ate about half, screaming “a bite! a bite! a bite!” after every taste!

As I was cooking and cleaning I thought about something…I think there are two types of cooks in the world. One who cleans as she goes and one who leaves the mess until the end. I am a clean as you go kid of cook. I hate a mess, so I cannot really relax and eat until everything is cleaned and put away. This sometimes leaves me with a cold plate, but I am fine with that. In fact, I think this is why microwaves were invented!

So the question of the day is this:
Are you a clean as you go kind of person or a clean after you are finished kind of person?

Have a great Saturday!

A Little Note

I am almost to the end of my first week of school. I have to say in the many years that I have been teaching this has been the smoothest transition I have ever had. Having short hair has really changed my getting ready time for the better. What used to take me about 45 minutes to dry and style is now down to mere minutes to dry and style…I might never have long hair again!

My husband’s new job and hours has turned out to be the biggest blessing. He is able to pick the kids up daily and I have been able to sneak in a work-out before I come home. We have spent ample time at the park this week and I am even thinking of taking the kids swimming tomorrow afternoon.

Now, this might be the calm before the storm, but I will take it.

My mom sent me a lovely little note today at school. I am so very privileged to have her as a mom. She has been to hell and back in the last few years but she has always taken the time to make everyone around her feel loved and special. If there ever was a living saint, it is her…and she is mine! I was so happy when I saw the envelope in my mailbox with her distinct handwriting.

For all those parents out there sending their kids to school this year I hope it is a year of wonder and awe and good impressions! For what it is worth, I love my kids (students) like they are my own and everyday I try and make each one of them smile…it doesn’t always happen, but at least I try!

Loving Church

Any Catholic knows Psalm 34 or has sung it at one time during their church-going life. “Taste and see, taste and see, the goodness of the Lord.” It is one of my favorites; one that I remember singing in my youth in grade school and I continue to sing now that I teach in a Catholic school.

Today our pastor related this psalm to both food as well as the wisdom we receive when we open ourselves up to seeing the possibilities God has given us.

First off, everyone likes to eat, some (um, me) more than others. Sometimes we (I) scarf down food without even tasting it. Like, for instance, I want a cheeseburger from McDonald’s and by the time I get through the drive thru, order, pay, get the burger, and head out of the parking lot it is already consumed…and I have barely tasted it!

Sometimes I am like this with listening to the Word at church. By the time I sit down, get the kids settled, change a diaper, help Megan go on the potty (oh, potty training, you deserve your own post!), come back, settle everyone, get them a book, etc, etc, mass is over and I have not really heard one thing.

But, this psalm is encouraging us to taste the word like a gourmet meal. Savor the words and expression and leave mass wiser than when we came in. I guess you could say that I why I started “Loving Church” Sundays to begin with…I am hungry for the word, I want to grow in my faith and lead my students to a better understanding of the Word of God.

I, myself have started reading the scripture of the day this month and I have found that with each passing day my commitment to my faith has grown…not by leaps and bounds or anything, but I can definitely see myself stopping to pray when I feel discouraged, impatient, gossipy, or generally nasty. We are all works in progress, people!

Have a great week!
School starts Tuesday, yippee!!!!

Getting to It

I have been sitting in meetings for the past two days. If you are a teacher, you know…sitting for two days straight is enough to kill you! My mind was racing, my back was hurting, and all I wanted to do was get to my classroom and get to work. As I said before, my classroom was less than desirable when I walked into it this year. After a leak that started in February (FEBRUARY!!!) the manager finally realized they needed to do something about it. This little leak has turned into a major issue, and a very boring story, and it will not be resolved by the first day of school.

However, the leak and new paint has brought me a new perspective. I moved everything around, changed the seating arrangement and even moved my desk to the other side of the room. I created a student work station with computers and books and just a cool place where I think the kids will like to hang out. I really feel renewed energy with this school year coming to a start. I think this is going to be the best year of my teaching career. I am so excited.

In other weekend news, we will be taking M & T to a soccer open house today. I don’t know who is more excited, Megan or my husband. I just love watching how Shawn interacts with the kids. I always knew he was going to be a good dad, but when I see how giddy he is about the little things in parenting I just have to smile. I will be taking many pictures today and hopefully will have a couple of minutes to post them tonight. I also need to get the gym, Kroger, and possibly Kohl’s before the day ends…oh, and maybe an oil change…fun stuff!!! Isn’t being an adult grande?

I better get to getting it.

as promised…




I am half-way through the month and it seems that I am hitting all three of my goals. I am pretty proud of myself.

Today I went back to work for a dreaded teacher In-Service. It was much better than I thought it would be. I actually enjoyed most of the day. I especially enjoyed the turkey sandwich I had for lunch!
I even managed to get up extra early this morning to work out. And I arrived at school at 8:40 (for a 9 o’clock meeting!). I was so proud of myself…until I walked in and realized the meeting started at 8. My bad.

I started watching Gossip Girl (I know, I know, I am like 5 years behind in the times). So far the pilot is pretty awesome. I have heard nothing but good things about it. I am only allowing myself to watch it while I am exercising, so it gives me extra incentive to make it to the gym. It really made my work-out go by quick today.

Tomorrow will be an even earlier day because my meetings really do begin at 8:15. HA!

My Mind is Racing

Excuse me while I get something off my chest…

I have learned that in life it is easier to say you are sorry than to live with the regret of saying nothing. Whether it is in friendship or family, a misunderstanding or not, extending yourself to say those two little words than mean so much goes a long way.

There are some people in this world that have a hard time watching other people be happy. They are jealous and mean-spirited and try to do anything they can (sometimes in small ways) to bring others down. I am not one of those people. I have always praised the good fortune of others. I love hearing about new job opportunities, new car purchases, promotions, new babies, and new love. Even in the darkest times of my life I always have found light in the happiness of others.

I guess you could call me an optimist, a “glass-half-full” person. I would never want to be seen as a negative or jealous person…that is just not my style.

As Forrest Gump would say, “that’s all I have to say about that.”

Someone Else Needed it More…

This weekend I did something most people do about every six weeks. Others, like myself, wait for a very long time in order to make such an mundane ritual into something great. I got my haircut.

Here is the before:


And the after


I donated 12 inches of my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign which collects hair to create wigs for cancer patients. This is the third time I have donated and each time I find special meaning in it. The first time I donated a student of mine had been diagnosed with lymphoma and I felt so helpless. I knew donating my hair would show support for her fight. The second time I donated was when my great-aunt had breast cancer and survived it (at age 90!). This time, I donated and thought of my dad who lost his struggle with cancer almost two years ago. When he was diagnosed, he knew it was terminal, but he still wanted to do a clinical trail in order to maybe help someone else someday. That, I believe, is what being a hero is all about.

So, this weekend I gave away my hair to someone who needs it more than I do. In the grand scheme of things it is a small gesture. Cutting your hair is no big deal…but it is a big deal when you don’t have any hair and the wig you put on everyday is a small sign of hope for a better tomorrow,