Loving Church

I am probably one of those rare people out there that really loves going to church, I was born and raised Catholic. My parents had a strong sense of faith prior to me even being born. God was always at the center of our family. When we moved to a new city the first thing my parents looked for was an active Catholic church. They dove right in and met some of the best friends they have ever had.

When I married my Hubs, being Catholic was probably the top of my list of “must haves” for a spouse. We took our faith seriously while we were dating. We went to church together and met with our pastor on several occasions in preparation for our marriage. The acutal mass on our wedding day was extremely important to me. I spent hours and hours pouring over scriptures and songs for our wedding.

Now that we have children we are dedicated to raising them Catholic. I hate hearing stories of people who have lost their faith or stopping going to church because of circumstances in their life. I truly feel that during the best of times and the worst of times, God is a solid foundation of love for all of us.

That was a lengthy explanation for a decision I have made. I am going to try and write every Sunday about my church experience. I am going to go back through the readings and the homily given by our pastor. I think this will help me emmencely grow in my faith as well as maybe if I have a reader or two get inspired, that would be great.


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