On Going Back…To Work

I have been off work since June 2. This is the first summer that I have had kids that I have actually really enjoyed being home. Those first two years were rough. The first summer with Megan I was pregnant with Tyler and feeling it. I was so sick, I could barely get out of bed. She was 8 months old and starting to walk run around the house like a crazy person and I had no energy for it. I was also dealing with a health crisis in my family that was emotionally and physically exhausting (more on that to come).

Last summer was better. Tyler was still in his “pumpkin seat” which made it easy for me to transport him, but it still made it difficult to do a lot of outside activities since he was little and I did not want him to get over-heated.

This summer, this summer, oh how I have loved thee!!! I feel like we finally have found a groove and it has been awesome. We follow a pretty loose schedule of sleeping in (until 7, but I will take it), playing/watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, eating breakfast, baths, and to the gym. The afternoons are for napping and pool or playground time. We have spent a ton of time with family and friends and have gone on two excellent vacations.

What could be better then spending the day at the beach without a care in the world?

As summer break comes to an abrupt end, I am morning the loss of these days already. I LOVE being a teacher and I absolutely feel there is no better job out there for a working mom. I feel like I get to have my cake and eat it too. But, I am still a little sad that the “lazy” days of summer are ending.

With that, I am also looking forward to the fall and all that it brings to this part of the world. I adore Halloween and all things pumpkin and I want to take the kids apple picking for the first time. I also want to really decorate this year and maybe even have some kids from the neighborhood over for a Halloween party. It will be good, it will be very good!


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