Someone Else Needed it More…

This weekend I did something most people do about every six weeks. Others, like myself, wait for a very long time in order to make such an mundane ritual into something great. I got my haircut.

Here is the before:


And the after


I donated 12 inches of my hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign which collects hair to create wigs for cancer patients. This is the third time I have donated and each time I find special meaning in it. The first time I donated a student of mine had been diagnosed with lymphoma and I felt so helpless. I knew donating my hair would show support for her fight. The second time I donated was when my great-aunt had breast cancer and survived it (at age 90!). This time, I donated and thought of my dad who lost his struggle with cancer almost two years ago. When he was diagnosed, he knew it was terminal, but he still wanted to do a clinical trail in order to maybe help someone else someday. That, I believe, is what being a hero is all about.

So, this weekend I gave away my hair to someone who needs it more than I do. In the grand scheme of things it is a small gesture. Cutting your hair is no big deal…but it is a big deal when you don’t have any hair and the wig you put on everyday is a small sign of hope for a better tomorrow,


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