Loving Church

Any Catholic knows Psalm 34 or has sung it at one time during their church-going life. “Taste and see, taste and see, the goodness of the Lord.” It is one of my favorites; one that I remember singing in my youth in grade school and I continue to sing now that I teach in a Catholic school.

Today our pastor related this psalm to both food as well as the wisdom we receive when we open ourselves up to seeing the possibilities God has given us.

First off, everyone likes to eat, some (um, me) more than others. Sometimes we (I) scarf down food without even tasting it. Like, for instance, I want a cheeseburger from McDonald’s and by the time I get through the drive thru, order, pay, get the burger, and head out of the parking lot it is already consumed…and I have barely tasted it!

Sometimes I am like this with listening to the Word at church. By the time I sit down, get the kids settled, change a diaper, help Megan go on the potty (oh, potty training, you deserve your own post!), come back, settle everyone, get them a book, etc, etc, mass is over and I have not really heard one thing.

But, this psalm is encouraging us to taste the word like a gourmet meal. Savor the words and expression and leave mass wiser than when we came in. I guess you could say that I why I started “Loving Church” Sundays to begin with…I am hungry for the word, I want to grow in my faith and lead my students to a better understanding of the Word of God.

I, myself have started reading the scripture of the day this month and I have found that with each passing day my commitment to my faith has grown…not by leaps and bounds or anything, but I can definitely see myself stopping to pray when I feel discouraged, impatient, gossipy, or generally nasty. We are all works in progress, people!

Have a great week!
School starts Tuesday, yippee!!!!


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