A Little Note

I am almost to the end of my first week of school. I have to say in the many years that I have been teaching this has been the smoothest transition I have ever had. Having short hair has really changed my getting ready time for the better. What used to take me about 45 minutes to dry and style is now down to mere minutes to dry and style…I might never have long hair again!

My husband’s new job and hours has turned out to be the biggest blessing. He is able to pick the kids up daily and I have been able to sneak in a work-out before I come home. We have spent ample time at the park this week and I am even thinking of taking the kids swimming tomorrow afternoon.

Now, this might be the calm before the storm, but I will take it.

My mom sent me a lovely little note today at school. I am so very privileged to have her as a mom. She has been to hell and back in the last few years but she has always taken the time to make everyone around her feel loved and special. If there ever was a living saint, it is her…and she is mine! I was so happy when I saw the envelope in my mailbox with her distinct handwriting.

For all those parents out there sending their kids to school this year I hope it is a year of wonder and awe and good impressions! For what it is worth, I love my kids (students) like they are my own and everyday I try and make each one of them smile…it doesn’t always happen, but at least I try!


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