Loving Church

This week was not a great church week for my family. My daughter was well behaved and quiet about eighty percent of the time. My son, yeah, the one who barely speaks and just is over-all happy all the time, was horrible today!!!!!! He was either screaming or whining or just saying words aloud at all times today. It was kind of embarrassing. But, hey, that is life!

So, to say I did not hear the sermon today would be an understatement. I was barely able to get it together enough to go to Communion. I did however come home and read the gospel. The gospel was about eating and drinking Jesus’ Body and Blood. Now I know some people are kind of weirded out about this and will say that it is cannibalism. If you are being literal you might think this. But, what I believe Jesus is saying it to take him in and experience his passion and death as the most generous thing a person can do. God quite literally sent his son as a sacrifice for our sins.

It really got me thinking (during the 3 minutes I had time to think today) about the things I would be willing to sacrifice for others. Sometimes I am so caught up in the day to day that I do not even stop and think about my relationship with God. I do not think I am unlike a lot of people. But I am really trying to improve my faith life. This past month I have been making a point to do nice things for other people. When I do I feel great. But sometimes I am just so busy or lazy or angry or you name the adjective to even want to do anything for anyone else, or even myself for that matter. I am also carving out a few minutes each day to sit with scripture and really pray.

I do think we need to be purposeful in our quest to not only live our best life on earth but to prepare ourselves for the ultimate prize which is a seat at the table in Heaven with our God. How do I do that? I am working on it…day by day, minute by minute.

Don’t let that adorable smile fool you…he is a maniac!


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