I went on a trip today…

To the ER. My husband was sick and I needed to take him to the emergency room this morning. Everything is fine now, but here are a few things I learned today:

1. Even if you are clutching your side, laying on the ground and vomiting, they are not going to let you go past the gatekeeper without giving your first and last name and your birthday…this was not us, but a guy who came in at the same time as us.

2. The nicer you are to the nurses the nicer they will be to you. In the ER and in life in general please and thank you go a long way.

3. My husband is hilarious in times of stress.

4. I can handle seeing anything and I will.not.vomit.

5. I laugh at inopportune moments. I just cannot shut off my inner voice that can create comedy out of any situation.

6. Even though hospitals are supposed to be really clean, I felt like I needed a shower after I left.

That’s all. Have a good night.


2 thoughts on “I went on a trip today…

  1. Number 5 is so true. Remember when you took me to the E.R. In college. You were being hilarious. And I was so sick I couldn’t laugh…but I *really* wanted to!

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