Loving Church

I just wrote a really nice post (and long!) and it seems to be lost.  I hate when that happens.

My focus this week is going to be on the second reading from the book of James (2:1-5).  I love the New Testament, especially the Letters.  Talk about inspired wrting!  I wonder if these men had any idea of what impact that would make 2000 years after writing these letters?  Today’s reading especially hit home for me.

James was speaking to people about how God loves all people, whether rich or poor, and shows no partility between the two groups.   Our pastor spoke about this fact being especially important to Christians.  This is where the waters get a little muddy for me.  I do not think loving all people is particularly a Christian concept.  Yes, I am Catholic, and I try each day to love my neighbor. But isn’t love a concept for all people, not just Christians, but everyone?  Being loving towards one another is about being a good person no matter what faith you are or if you don’t have a faith at all.  Treating people with equality, whether man or woman, white or black, gay or straight, poor or rich, is what we all should be striving for everyday.

I can’t stand hypocrites.  I especially dislike when people do things in the name of “god” that are mean-spirited or nasty.  Like, when people bomb an abortion clinic in the name of pro-life.  Hello, you just tried to kill people!!!!!  Or when people spit on or are cruel to a person because of his/her sexual orientation.  When people judge others because they have tatoos or peircings or dress against the norm.   I personally love to see people how “march to the beat of a different drummer.”  I think it makes life so interesting when everyone is not the status quo.  This is what makes our world a wonderful place to be.

My God is a loving God, a welcoming God, a God who forgives.  We are all made in the image and likeness of God.  Each one of us has been called my name.  I have sort of went off on a tangent today, but it feels good to be honest about my beliefs.

Have a great week!




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