Where were you?

September 11, 2001 was not unlike any other weekday. I had just started my first “real job” after trying teaching for a couple of years after college. I loved my job. My workplace was filled with tons of young people who cared much more about happy hour than business hours. Hooking up after work was much more important than selling equipment during the day.

But on that day our lives were forever changed and everyone grew up a bit. I worked in inside sales with a very large customer in the heart of Manhattan. I remember thinking what if I never heard from all of those “friends” again. I sat in my cubicle and cried for all of the people who survived that day but had a loved one who did not. My hands were trembling when I thought of all the motherless and fatherless children who were left to pick up the pieces of such an unthinkable act. Not a year will go by when I will not stop and bow my head in prayer for all of the survivors of that day.

So, yes, Mr. Keith, I do remember where I was, and I will never forget.


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