She’s Three

At 5:01 this morning I walked into her room and laid on her bed to watch her breathe. Her little face has changed so much yet so little in the last three years. I cradled her close to me just as I did that morning in 2009 when I held her so close, nestling her into my chest for the first time. It was the best best day of my life.

In three years Megan Elizabeth has exceeded every expectation I have had of motherhood. It has been the best roller coaster ride I have ever been on. She has helped my survive the most horrific two years of my life just by her presence. Everyday she brings a light to our family that is so bright you just want to soak it up. She is a lover and a fighter, the happiest kids on the block and the biggest drama queen I have even met. She plays hard and sleeps hard. She knows what she wants and will not stop until she gets it. Megan is a study in contradictions and I love it.

I love this little girl so much. I hope she is always as free spirited as she is right now. I hope her life is blessed just as she blesses us all by her simple presence. I hope she always says her mommy and daddy are her best friends. I hope that everyday she is aware of how much she is loved. I hope that she develops friendships that will last a lifetime. But, most of all, I hope she is happy even during hard times.

Here are 10 things about Megan right now:

1. She is obsessed with Toy Story and Toy Story 2.
2. She loves her pink blankie and has named it “Eat” (why? we do not know).
3. She would rather be playing outside than inside.
4. Her best friend is CeCe and she talks about her constantly.
5. She loves peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, Mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and fries, fruit snacks, green beans, and mandarine oranges, and strawberries. But, she will eat almost anything.
6. She is an awesome swimmer and has not fear of the water or diving boards.
7. She started soccer this fall and loves it.
8. Megan will talk your ear off and then some…she
9. She loves to solve “mysteries.”
10. She wants to be everybody’s friend.

My little baby girl is not so little anymore.



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