Another post lost…

Another post lost by WordPress. I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but someday I will figure it out.

Lately! My little family is pretty darn perfect. I finally feel like I have gotten into somewhat of a rhythm and it feels darn good. It is amazing what both children sleeping through the night does to one’s psyche. I feel well rested in the morning (most days) which makes me want to live life to the fullest each day.

I know it is early in the school year, but this might be my best yet. I love all of my students so much. I think I am in a much better place than I have been for quite a while and it feels great. Everyday I feel a sense of accomplishment in my teaching and my student’s learning. It is almost like a dream. Now, I know the bottom couold fall out of my school year at any moment on any day, but for now, I am content and happy.

Oh, and I love fall!!!! I am a pool-summer girl at heart, but there is something awesome about starting a new season. Pumpkin picking might be one of my all time favorite activities and now that I have kids I love it even more. Megan went for the first time when she was a month old and I plan on continuing this tradition until they go to college and after!

One more random thought…I admire so many women who have joined the BlogHer publishing network. I am all for woman having a voice and a place to share it. However, the ads are starting to get so ANNOYING. I mean, all the pop-ups are super obnoxious, in my opinion. It is making it difficult for me to stalk read about all of my favorite people on the Internet.

three going on thirteen..I mean, really?


2 thoughts on “Another post lost…

  1. Oh, please do tell me if you see ads popping up that don’t easily close. I know there have been some issues, depending on browsers. Sometimes, the ads are roll-over ads and should close when you roll over them a second time. But, anytime you have an example of something you don’t like, I’d love to have your feedback to submit to the team! 🙂

    • I really appreciate that you reached out to me! I find the pop ups happen most often when I am checking blogs on my iPad. It has been especially bad in the last couple weeks when I have gotten on but it seems to be better in the last few days.

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