Loving Church

Tyler joined the fun at Megan’s check-up this week.

As a friend, sometimes we have to go through things to support our friends in good times and in bad. I have known all of my best girlfriends for over twenty years. In a way, I feel like they are my soul-mates. They have been my rock so many times and I have been though so much with them. My favorite memories a the good ones, of course. We have been on awesome trips and to concerts and to the corner bar on too many Saturday nights to count. We have also been to hell and back through loss of parents, loss of significant others, and generally just crappy times. I would never be where I am today without these awesome girls.

Sometimes, I have to be the face and voice of stability in an unstable time for my girls. I have to find hope when my friend doesn’t have any. I have to emotionally carry my friends when they need me. And, they do the same for me. Someday I will be able to put into words what my girls did for me during the most horrible time in my life. I will be able to perfectly express the true meaning of friendship and how my friends actually made me laugh on the worst day of my life…but that is for another time.

This week, I spent more time in prayer than I have in a long time. Each day my prayer was the same, “God, be with them in their hour of need.” I believe God was with them, and I believe there is still hope in the trenches…that during what is the worst time of your life somehow there is a glimmer of something…A speck of shine in a dismal world…A light at the end of the darkest tunnel that you think you will never get out of.

It was interesting to me that this week the reading for mass came from the Gospel of Mark again. Our suffering Messiah was talking to his friends about the selfless love that one needs to spread God’s message of love. The Apostles, just like us, had to learn to give up self-centeredness in order to be entrusted with God’s work. Isn’t that really what friendship is all about? Don’t we have to give up part of ourselves in order to give everything during the best of times and the worst of times?

I believe that there is hope in this time of heart-ache. I will carry my friend as long as she needs me to; not because I expect anything in return, but because I see the glimmer, the speck, and I know it is so much more beautiful then she can ever imagine.


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