September Goals

I created three goals for myself for September. I am happy to report that two of the three goals were accomplished in the last four weeks. I stayed in my calorie count for the month, I volunteered to be a nursery coordinator for my church, but I did not join a fitness class.

I must say that staying in my calorie count for a solid month has been very eye-opening. The fact is, I eat a lot and I like to eat and without someone or something looking over my shoulder I can abuse food very easily. Joining has given me the opportunity to really look at what I am doing calorie wise. It has given me a chance to understand where and when I abuse food. I looked at the calories before I put something in my mouth and make decisions based on that. I also exercised a ton this month and used exercise as a tool for weight loss instead of as a crutch to maintain. It has been awesome. I am proud of myself. I lost 10.6 pounds this month. Gone forever.

In my parish bulletin I have seen all summer a call for a volunteer to coordinate the nursery. I have personally wanted to drop my kids off in the nursery several times and have not been able to since there was no one in there to watch the children. I decided over the weekend that this was my calling. I feel passionately that parents need time to worship together. They need to have a place to take their kids when they are misbehaving or just in need of an outlet. A couples commitment to God does mean something. Worshipping together means something. An hour together in dedicated prayer without distraction means something. I spoke to our Director of Faith Formation and she put my name and e-mail address in the e-news and bulletin. My goal is by the end of October to have a solid schedule through the new year. I know I can do it.

The exercise class…oh, the exercise class. I wish I had a good excuse, but I don’t. I actually dropped the ball of this one. The fact is, I sometimes feel uncomfortable in my own skin and I did not want to put my insecurities out there in front of 20-30 people in a class. I looked into the aerobics room with envy each Wednesday when the Muscle Max class was happening (a free class I might add!). I wanted to do it so bad, but the negative self-talk could not be quieted. It is something I need to work on. I know. My only respite is the fact that I did go to the gym on average 5 days a week in the month of September and I started the C25K program. I will get there…maybe not this month, but sometime.

I was going to posts a picture, but I think I will wait until next month.

October Goals:
1. Continue to make it to the gym as much as possible.
2. Give at least 5 hours of volunteering.
3. Stay in my calorie goals each day

I will be back in November for a re-cap!


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