My Guy

I feel like I own Tyler a whole post of his own. Looking back on all the writing I have done on this blog it seems very Megan-centered. In real life, it is not like that at all. I am sure as other mom’s can attest, it is just easier to take pictures of a three year old then an almost two year old. It is a fact.

My little Tyler, he has brought so much happiness to our family. I said before that we struggled for years to have Megan…Tyler was a minute and a half on a Sunday afternoon (if you know what I mean, wink wink…nudge nudge). But, he was a huge blessing. I have loved every minute of being his mommy.

Tyler has slept through the night pretty much since the day he was born. We sent him to the nursery on that first night (obviously, second baby) and the nurses were astounded that he did not wake up for 6 whole hours!!!! He nursed like a champ and may or may not still be nursing before bed at 20 months. He loves to cuddle and he loves to be the baby.

He also plays very hard. His favorite toy is Buzz Lightyear and he carries it almost everywhere he goes. He likes to hang with the big kids which means he has scrapes and scratches all over his little body. He is the essence of a little boy. He also loves to sing and dance which is so cute I almost cannot take it.

I must also mention that he is a little peanut compared to his sister and really any other boy his age. This is surprising because Megan has been off the charts since six months and Ty just made the charts at his last appointment. He still fits into all of his 12 month clothes and sometimes 9 month. We recently bought 18 month clothes homing he will have a growth spurt this winter. Also somewhat strange is that he is a genuine “toe head” blonde. This is surprising because he comes from a long line of dark brown haired and brown eyes relatives.

His only downfall might be that he is a biter…but we are working on that.
Tyler is awesome. I love him, we love him, anyone that meets him loves him. Oh, and his nickname is Tooney because he is our little tune- bug…so darn cute!

20121004-184259.jpghe is also generally always missing a shoe


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