Loving Church

This was my first week as the volunteer coordinator in the nursery at church. I think it went really well. We had a couple of criers, but I used it as an opportunity to lead the children in my favorite song, “Children of The Lord.” It was a great day because many of the parents thanked me high and low for giving them the opportunity it’s to worship without distraction.

Fitting, that today the gospel reading came from the Book of Mark (10:2-16). I have read this passage foo many times before. I know you know it…”Jesus said, let the children come to me.” This passage makes sense in so many ways. Jesus did not excuse anyone from his teachings. As much as his apostles wanted to “help” Jesus filer out people in his ministry, he did not. No person was too young, too sick, too rich, too poor, too anything to sit and listen to the words he spoke.

The words Jesus spoke really transcends time. I am always amazed that when I read the New Testament can always gain so much knowledge for my present life. His Apostles made mistakes…big time. But Jesus always treated each one with respect and forgiveness. If God can forgive people for huge mistake, my small indiscretions don’t seem too bad. Also, I need to spend more time opening my heart to forgiving others.

One more thing…I read a blog called Kelly’s Korner. I love it and she is such a neat woman. She wrote an entry today about a friend of hers losing her husband in a car accident. If you have room for one more prayer today, please keep them in mind. It is such a devastating tragedy for this family and I know some prayer strength would be appreciated.

I will sign off with a quick pic of Megan and Tyler at Target yesterday. They love walking the toys and picking stuff out. Too cute.



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