I have a Secret…and I want to share!

I went on a super secret mission today. I’m going to share it on here because my husband does not read blogs and I don’t really think he knows I have a blog. It is not like I am hiding it or anything, it’s just that this is my space and I feel like everyone needs to have a little outlet. However, if he did read this blog, I would be happy about it…I think that would make my total two whole readers. HA!

So, anyway, I am not going to show you every detail of the super secret mission, but I will show bits and pieces of our trip to Portrait Innovations. If you have not been there, go! It is the best deal in the world…a million pictures for $14.95. Well, maybe not a million, but a lot. And the people are amazing. I really could not choose and ended up getting more than enough but I could not help myself.

really, could he be cuter?

I just died of cuteness…

You might be saying, “why is this such a super secret?” We’ll, the answer is, my husband is an awesome gift giver. He is really the best. I am horrible. I guess not horrible, it’s just I always give practical gifts while he gives thoughtful gifts. So, this picture is going to be the ultimate awesome anniversary gift. I am so excited. I just have to keep myself contained for the next week. Eeeeek!

Do you have a super secret you want to share?


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