Ellen is Awesome

Did anyone watch Ellen yesterday? I have loved Ellen forever and I am a huge fan of her talk show. I think she is hilarious and I love her honesty, dancing, genuine giving, and general personality. I fell a little bit more in love with Ellen yesterday because she had Bethenny Frankel on and guess what? Bethenny is going to b a regular contributor on Ellen until her own show starts next summer. How great is that? I enjoy Bethenney. I would love love love to be in either of their audiences. I would even think of a really awesome confession to share. Oh, and they could give my family a trip to Disney World if they want to. We are nothing special, but I would just be nice.

In other news…yesterday I started the day by spilling an entire cup if hot coffee down the front of me. At work. With no change of clothes. I finished the day in the school nurse’s office getting checked for lice. Lovely.

I am looking forward to the weekend so much. My mom is coming Saturday afternoon. YAY! I think the husband and I are taking the kids to the pumpkin patch Saturday morning. I can pretty much guarantee that I will be eating a cinnamon pumpkin donut and apple cider this weekend.

What are your plans?


2 thoughts on “Ellen is Awesome

  1. Beth WA's mom says:

    Dear Liza, I also love Betheny Frankel and she may just renew my interest in the Ellen Show. This Sunday is our annual pumpkin carving where Jimmy and Craig’s competitive nature come out and I just enjoy my family gathered together! Love you

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