Soccer Mom I am Not

I don’t know about this whole “soccer mom” thing. In August the husband and I made a decision to get Megan involved in some sort of organized activity. She is with her brother and mamaw (grandma) all day and has very little kid to kid interaction. Since she is a mid-September birthday we decided to hold her until she is 5 going on 6 for Kindergarten which means we decided not to start her in pre-school this year. Long story short, she needed something…something that she could have an adult lead and interaction with kids her age.

I am not a soccer person myself, but Shawn is, so we thought that soccer would be good. We first joined a class at the YMCA. It was a good starter class, but the timing was off. It was at 6:30 on Tuesdays and Megan was always very hungry, tired, and cranky at that time. The first four weeks were okay, the last two she cried and laid down open the field most of the time. I know, don’t be jealous, a screaming toddler on the soccer field does make you feel like “Mommy of the Year!”

Then we thought maybe a Saturday morning class would be better. So we signed her up for this “lil Kicker” program at a local soccer place. She seems to like it better. She got a t-shirt to wear each week, so that is always a cool thing. Some moment are rough, but over-all I would call it a success.

However…I think the moms and dads in this group are so snobby!!!! I really tried to extend myself and they seem to not want anything to do with me. I think they all know each other from this gym they all go to. They all look alike and talk alike and and dress alike and ignore me alike. I expect this sort of behavior from the kids I teach in 7th grade. I am shocked by it when it is adults.

Believe me, my feelings are not hurt in the least…but, I do think it is so rude to act so elitist at three year old soccer practice! Really, what lesson is that teaching your kids? What ever happened to being kind to others and treating people how you would like to be treated? I try really hard to put myself out there all the time. I try to be nice to everyone. I think in order to be a friend you have to be friendly. And, I definitely think a value I will teach my kids is to be open to all people and to not exclude others.

So, I think when this session ends we will be moving on to something else. I am hoping maybe we can try a dance class or gymnastics or even a soccer program closer to home.

as long as she is happy!


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