Loving Church

Our pastor gave such a wonderful sermon today. He spoke about how parents do all they can for their children and then sometimes they just choose to fall away. No matter how much we love them, no matter how much we care for them, no matter how good they have it. Isn’t that parallel to our relationship with God at times? Even though God wants only the best for us?

The gospel of Mark (10:17-30) really hit home the fact that if we want a good life we must leave everything behind and follow our one true calling in life which is to love and serve The Lord. The Cardinal Virtue of Justice speaks to this sentiment. We must always have balance and moderation between the things we have and the people we serve. I don’t believe it is necessary to give up everything in order to be a follower. But, I do think one must know that things are just that. Things. It is people that mean the most in our lives. I certainly hope that one day, many, many years from now when people are celebrating my life at my funeral they will remember what kind of person I was and not the car I drove.


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