A Great Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend. My mom came down and it was awesome. I just love when she visits. She is happy, my kids are thrilled, and my house is left in better condition than when she arrived. It is a win, win!

We had a full weekend of outlet mall shopping and pumpkin picking, so it really could not have been better. I got a couple of sweet turtlenecks for the winter. I am a sweater-turtleneck person. I just love how they look with everything…jeans, cords, khakis, and skirts with tights. Every year in October I start my search for the perfect ones. I found them and I could not be more thrilled.

On Sunday at the pumpkin patch I looked at my kids and my husband and really thought it could not get more American than this. I love Blooms and Berries for several reasons, but the biggest is that it is just so much fun. It is kind of old school, but I like that. You can go there and slide down the slides, play in the water hole, tour the corn maze, and ride the old fashioned hayride and leave without spending more than 20 bucks. If you live in the Cincinnati area, I highly suggest going.

I will leave you with a couple of awesome pictures from the day.






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