Doing Good!

Yesterday was a shitty day…for more reasons than one. I spent the majority of the day in tears for reasons I explained and reasons I do not want to go into. I went to bed at 8:00 just to make the day end. Yuck.

But, there is nothing like doing good deeds for others to bring you out of a serious funk. Today I spent the day at the Free Store Food Bank in downtown Cincinnati. I had the pleasure of working with 10 girls from my 8th grade class. These young ladies worked their butts off for 6 hours only taking a break to eat lunch. I never heard one complaint and at the end of the day each one of them thanked the volunteer coordinator for letting them come. It makes me so proud that every year I get to experience this type of generosity and volunteerism. I have heard from so many people how difficult my job must be, but I can honestly say everyday is a challenge but a joy. As I have said so many times before, I am blessed.

Hamilton County, where I live, has the third highest childhood hunger rate in the Midwest. Not something to be proud of. But FSFB is doing something to help end the cycle of poverty. I learned so much there today and I am proud to say my girls packaged over 600 “Power Packs” (weekend meal kits) for children in our area.

I left there uplifted and full of hope. It is so funny how doing something for a person in need makes me feel so good. When I got back to school the kids who went to other locations were chomping at the bit to tell me about their day. One group went and worked with adults with developmental disabilities, another group helped at a pro-life organization, several groups worked at poverty related charities. They all had a great day and their eyes were opened just a little wider to the world today.

I feel good, I feel really good. I was seriously down yesterday and today I am up. Way up.
It was a good day.

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