My goal this week was to write something everyday. I have found I really enjoy blogging (even more than journaling, maybe?) and want to keep the momentum going. Today, however, I have nothing to say except some boring stuff that even I am not interested in really. But, lists make everything more fun, so I am going to list the top 5 exciting things that have happened to me today…in no particular order.

1. I found the cutest Halloween costumes for M&T but of course I am not going to spill the beans on them until the actual day.

2. I went to JC Penney’s and found awesome jeans and a cool shirt. I protested JCP for a long time because I am a coupon girl and I hate hate hate their new no coupon policy, but I might be a believer again.

3. I have stayed in my allotted calories for more days than I can even count and I feel damn good about it.

4. I love Gossip Girl. There. I said it. It is so wrong but so right.

5. Tyler is obsessed with BuzzLightyear and all of his toys bug the be geezers out of me.


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