Loving Church

To say this has been a difficult week would be an understatement. It had its ups and downs but the downs were definitely very low. This is the lowest I have been in a long time. I have never formally suffered from mental illness, but I do have a touch of anxiety and depression runs in my family, so I have a heightened awareness of my feelings. If I did not have a reason to get out of bed I probably would have pulled the covers up to my chin and called it a week on Tuesday.

So, it was especially refreshing this morning when the theme of the homily turned out to be about The Year of Faith and how are we supposed to carve out time in our busy life the better our faith life. Our pastor spent a good amount of time asking us to reflect on this one questions, “why is it worth it to knock on the door of faith?” After the week I had, I really had a hard time answering that. Life is hard, busy, aggravating, full, crazy, tiring, exhausting…life just is. On any given day there are ups and downs, moments of pure happiness, and moments of when will this end?. Somedays I lay my head on the pillow and don’t even have the energy for an Amen let alone real prayer.

But, but, it is worth the knock…it is worth the extra time we need to carve out for our faith. Why? Because the person standing firmly on the other side of that door loves us beyond human understanding. He loves us so much that he gave his life for us. To me, that is totally worth it.

I will leave you with cuteness. Of, course, they would not stand still for a picture.

20121021-154957.jpg amazing how a $2 balloon will change their day!


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