I am going to take the challenge.  BlogHer has put a challenge forth to all of us who blog to write a post everyday in November.  I am going to take that challenge.  Thankyouverymuch!  I have really been enjoying blogging and getting into the swing of things, but, of course, I have taken a few days off in the midst of it.  But, starting Thursday, I am going to make it a point to blog daily.

Melissa, who organizes the challenge, has put prompts up on BlogHer.  I need the prompts because my biggest beef with blogging is that sometimes I don’t know what to say or have anything to say for that matter.

To get myself going I am not going to write a post about our trip to see Disney on Ice, Misssionaries staying at our house, or Halloween festivities until Thursday!  HA!

This is going to be fun.  If you want to link up, go to and check it out!

Have a great day!

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