When Will the Sickness End?

I was sent home from work yesterday.  Sick as a dog…throwing up, stomach cramps, and all that goes with it.  While I was driving home Shawn sent me a text that he was also sent home sick.  I spent the next 6 hours sleeping in my bed while Shawn camped on the couch.  Horrible.  I mean, really?  I have been sick for three solid weeks.  And not just the “I am not feeling that great” sick, but the “I feel like death warmed over” sick.

I finally started feeling like a human around 11pm…just enough time for me to get my bearings and wake up to a puking Megan Elizabeth at 2am.

Life.  It is a funny little game.

I ***think*** everyone is doing somewhat better today.


Shout out…holla…to my favorite person in the whole wide world!!!  My mom is celebrating her borthday today.  She is a saint.  No, really, she is.  She is the most amazing woman that has touched so many people in her lifetime.  She deserves a million birthday wishes and good fortune today.  Happy Birthday, Bar!

A Smart Solution!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I blogged about Megan taking over my iPad?  It has really been a problem for me because I do want to have at least one thing in my house that is mine (okay, call me greedy!).  Well,  over the weekend a solution has been found.



Those Vtech people, they are so smart.  They designed the Innotab2 as a relatively inexpensive ($99 compared to a $500 iPad), less breakable, so cool solution for parents everywhere with my issue!  I love them!  I could kiss them!  They are not sponsoring this post (who am I kidding?!?) but if they wanted to send me all kinds of free stuff to keep and review I would gladly accept!!!!!

Megan and Tyler are going to be proud owners of this awesome device (they are each getting one…we do not share well in our household of 3 and almost 2!)  from Uncle Denny for Christmas.  He is beyond happy because he has been looking for an awesome learning toy for each of them.  I am insanely happy because I will have my property back.  Uncle Denny and Vtech for the win!

I have a feeling this is going to be the best Christmas to date.  It is like I am getting an iPad all over again!  Horray!!!!

Walking the Walk

Back to the basics for me today.

It is funny how great vacations are but how much I crave the mormalcy of everyday life. This might have been one of the best Thanksgiving weekends I have ever had. There was a lot less running around this year than in years past. I am not sure if it is because everyone in our house was feeling a tad bit under the weather or the fact that we are just more and more content staying home with each other. In either case, I am happy. Like really, really happy. I am happier today than I have been in the last six months.

At school today I spent a lot of time with my students talking about expectations. I have high expectations for all of my students. I believe that everyone is capable of achieving a goal if they really set their mind to it. I know that if you give posivitve self-talk any task can be completed well. Life is not a dress rehearsal…what we put out brings direct divends of the outcome. Basically, if you give a lack-luster effort, your outcome will most likely be less than desirable.

I have been talking a lot about losing weight and getting healthy. I spend a lot of time at the gym. But, I really spent time this weekend looking at how I am approaching weight loss. Am I going at it full force, or do I just talk the talk instead of walk the walk? Do I give the same effort I give at the gym to my eating habits? Am I working on being a “clean” eater or do I just go through the motions?

The answer, obviously, is that I can do better. I can set high expectations of myself. If I really want to lose the weight, then I need to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk (pun intended!). As soon as I can get rid of is miserable cough that I have had for three weeks I am ready do some serious changes to my eating and work- outs. I have started devising a plan that is difficult yet attainable. There is no reason why I cannot lose another ten pounds by the end of the year. Then, in January I will re-evaluate and make even bigger changes.

For now, I will leave you with a cute pc that Megan colored for. I “her” iPad. HA!


A House of Sick

We have been a house of sickies for the past two weeks. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fevers…we could have been a commercial for cold medicine. Yesterday I had Megan at the doctor because she has just been so miserable. One twenty-five dollar co-pay and a double ear infection diagnosis later, we were off the fill the prescription. I think we all slept like 15 hours yesterday.

This morning, oh, this morning. It was like the sky lifted and someone shined a bright light upon our home. Everyone is finally feeling better!!!! Thank goodness. We went to church this morning and not a tissue was used, not a cough could be heard. It was magical.

I think we are going to do more of the same laying around today. Tomorrow it is back to work, back to the gym, back to reality. I am kind of happy about it. I love the holidays, but I am a total creature of habit, so I am so much happier with order and predictability in my life. I know Christmas is right around the corner, but I am going to savor the calm before the storm. I am looking forward to spending some quiet nights at home watching movies and eating popcorn with my favorite little elfs.

As far as Black Friday went, I sort of thought the deals were lack-luster and I didn’t really find the perfect gifts for anyone. We did, however, find us a great new TV for the basement and an amazing stand from IKEA. I love that place. I really do. I could hang out there or work there.

I just noticed that I have been sever,y lacking in my post everyday in November challenge. But, I still feel good about myself. I posted a lot more than I have in any other month. Good for me!

I will leave you with a cute pic from Thanksgiving day. Love those PJs!

Have a great Sunday.


Dessert and More!

Thanksgiving was a great day. It was especially awesome because I really did not have to cook! My mother-in-law does not like a ton of help when it comes to her meal planning. She always asks us to bring something, but it is never anything too difficult. I usually am asked to bring some sort of dessert.

This year I wanted to try something new instead of the same old same old. I usually bring either chocolate chip cookies, cake balls, or buckeyes. Yesterday, I tried making salted caramel bars which were supposed to taste like Twix bars. I found it on this blog which was from a link up on “Show us Your Life” on Kelly’s Korner.

Here is a picture of how mine turned out:


They were a big hit at our family gathering. They did taste like a VERY RICH Twix bar. I thought that they would be very tough and time consuming to make, but it turned out to be a fairy easy, straight-forward recipe. I am sure I will be making them again…possibly for a Christmas cookie exchange this year because they travelled very well.

In other news, my kids looked adorable but felt kind of terrible all night. Megan is running a high fever and they both have coughs. I hate when they are sick. It is pathetic. But, their behavior was awesome yesterday and it got me really excited for the Christmas holiday. This is going to be such a fun few weeks until the big day!!!

I will leave you with a cute pic of Meg and Ty just being over-all precious at the party yesterday. I will be back tomorrow with a Black Friday recap. Spoiler Alert…we really got nothing bought for anyone but ourselves!


Sunday Funday


See that guy? That is one of the best men I know. He has been one of my best friends for as long as I can remember. And, he turned 40 today. WOW…that makes us both old! I distinctly remember playing Star Wars in the basement with him like it was yesterday. He endured more dance recitals and cheerleading practices than anyone should have to in a lifetime. He gave me my love for books and tennis. He loves my kids like they are his own. And when my dad passed he stepped it up for my mom and me.

He is a good one. A keeper. I am so honored to not only call him brother, but friend. Happy birthday, bro!