It Really Happened

Yesterday’s blog post was sort of a cop-out. I forgot my iPad that had a full post on it and I had to improvise. Shawn and I did run away…we went to the casino about a half hour away from home and had dinner with friends and stayed the night. It was the first time both of us have been away from the kinds since Megan was born. I must say, I kinda liked it!

I feel revitalized and renewed and refreshed. We missed the kids and decided to come home
earlier this morning then we had originally planned, but it was still awesome. My mom and brother offered to come down once a month to watch the kids overnight for us and although it is a nice offer,we probably will not take them up on it every month. But, it is reassuring to know that we can leave them and all parties will be fine.

Today we are going to spend the day watching football, cleaning the house and getting ready for the coming week. I have a lot going on at school this week. Logistically, if I can get through Monday everything should go off like clockwork. And, great news, Shawn is back on normal working hours (at least for the coming week)! The truth is, sometimes I like hanging alone, but I always enjoy having him with us more!

I will leave you today with another shining example of why it is impossible to take a good picture of a toddler. You’re welcome.





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