My View on the Election

I keep thinking about the election tomorrow.  How can I not?  I am not sure what is different this year, but I can feel the tension in the air.  When I hear the doorbell ringing in the early evening, I know who it is.  Every night, like clockwork, volunteers from both parties innondate my doorstep to sing the praise of their party.  I am firm in whom I will be voting for this year.  I have done the research and know which candidate most closely fits with my agenda.

The right to vote is about as American as you can get.  I have voted in every election since I turned 18.  I vote in primaries.  I vote in May when issues are on the ballot.  I believe in the process and I believe that my vote counts.  I really do not understand why people would choose not to exercise their right to vote.  I am a proud American and I feel fortunate to be part of the process every November.

I live in Ohio.  A swing state.  Both presidential candidates have been hovering in Ohio all weekend.  They were down the street from me on several occasions.  Although I did not make it out to any rallies (hello, working mom), I do think it is pretty awesome that I live in a place that really matters to our candidates.

I will go to my local polling building tomorrow and stand in a long line and exercise my right to vote.  I will be voting because I know there are people who cannot.  I will vote because it is my American duty.  I will vote because I want my children and future grandchildren to have the same rights as I do.


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