On a Mission

We had missionaries staying at our house this past week. Our church was having a teen retreat and needed families to host them for a few days while they were in town. Overall it was a great experience. I really felt God’s presence in our home while these three men stayed. These young men and women give up a year of their life to serve god…going from city to city across the country in a 15 passenger van serving the Lord and each other.

It really made me think about my own life and my commitment to my faith. How much time do I really commit to God each day? On the surface, it looks like I spend a lot of time in this capacity. I teach at a Catholic school and my days filled with not only academics, but a lot of faith building and prayer. Everyday I try to positively influence my students. I strive to spend at least a few moments each day really listening to what my teens have to say. Over and over again I am struck by the fact that kids just wan to be heard and understood and respected. I make it a point to involve my students in prayer and Biblical meditation everyday.

My own faith life sometimes takes a hit because life just takes over. At the end of the day I am exhausted and sometimes too tired to even utter a thank you to my Lord and Savior.

There were some snafus in the week, but overall the experience was very good. I will say, these men that stayed with us travel the country, but they are not worldly…in fact, they had very little common sense. It surprises me that they are able to survive with such little social skills. But, I guess this year for them is a year to letGod lead them…literally.


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