My Favorites!

Since I am trying to be a better blogger, I thought I would take a moment to do a shout-out to some of the blogs I read on a daily basis. I wish these girls were my friends in real life…I wish I was cool enough to hang with them!

Beth Anne: I have “known” her since we were both pregnant in 2009. She has such a way with words. Through her blog, I feel like I know her. She has had plenty of ups and downs but you will always root for her! Lots of people give her a hard time in comments, but I think she is real and speaks what it on her mind. Check her out.

Caitlyn: This is a food/exercise/lifestyle/somewhat turned mommy blog. My friend Beth keyed me in on this blog and I really love to read about her life through her posts. She is REAL. She understands that life sometimes gets in the way of the goals she sets for herself. Also, she has an interesting gluten/dairy free diet which is cool to see.

Jen: I am not sure how I came across to blog, but I love it! I have read her blog for a long time and have seen life make a 180 for the Knepper family. From infertility to IVF to a twin pregnancy which resulted in her girls passing to a total surprise and normal pregnancy you want to root for Jen. She uses humor to escape the reality of situations in a way that no one else can. She is awesome…read it!

The Two Beth’s: Okay, so I do know these two personally. Beth WA has been a bestie since I met her in Murphy Hall at John Carroll University. She is the reason I stayed there. I know Beth FS through Beth WA and she is a keeper as well. Both of these ladies are awesome in real life and it comes across in their blog. They are funny yet sensitive, genuine yet sarcastic, they both have a wonderful life yet have endured hardships such as anxiety, depression, and infertility. I love these girls and you will too!

Tiffany: This is another blog I found through Beth ( and the Beth’s know her IRL which makes me jealous!). The Townsend family has had their share if struggles, but they choose to be happy. Tiffany is an eloquent writer who always has great stories to share. She takes awesome pictures and her blog is very easy to read.

Sweaty Emily: I am not a runner by nature, but Emily’s blog makes me want to be better…to exercise more and to find a race to run! She does marathons “for fun!” on the weekends. Her training plan each week is so interesting to read. I have no idea how she has time for work or sleep, but she manages to fit everything in. When I am on the treadmill and have only a few minutes left I think of Emily and the work-out literally gets easier!

Kelle: she has a very popular blog, and I have joined the bandwagon. Enjoying the Small Things is exactly what the title represents. Through good times and bad, an unexpected Down Syndrome diagnosis, and a very real life Kelle is awesome and her girls are precious and she is a DIYer to the maximum extent. You will fall in love with her life, immediately.

Kara: A little over a year ago Matt and Kara lost a baby through a failed adoption. I received an e-mail about it (can’t remember who sent me the link) asking for prayer support for their family. Immediately I loved them. Kara has a really cool style and her recipes are very easy to follow. But what I like most about her is the strength she has with her very public struggle with her faith and humanity in general. I cried when she announced her surprise pregnancy and when little Brighten love was born I squealed with joy for their family!

Jenni: This is another mommy blog that I happened upon and was sucked in! Jenni just gave birth to her third baby and I enjoyed reading about her pregnancy week by week. Prior to her pregnancy she blog about her weight loss struggle and partnership with Medifast. I can’t really put into words why I like this blog so much, I just do!

Suzanne: She is friends with Beth Anne and that is how I found her blog. This is another very positive blog that love thread. Suzanne is real and she struggles but she always has great perspective. Oh, and I love her shop “Posy” – such cute, unique things!

Joanna: She is another blogger I have “known” since we were pregnant in 2009. Joanna is a rock star…she is a cancer survivor and mom warrior (her daughter Madison was born with Hip Dysplasia). I just love reading about her family and what makes them tick. Oh, and her daughters are super cute!

I could go on and on, but that is enough for now. I hope you enjoy these ladies as much as I do!


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