What do you want to be when you grow up?

If I could do anything or be anything in the world, I would still be a teacher.  I love my job and I love my students and I think I have a great gig going.  However, if I am able to dream a little bit, I would like to have an administrative assistant to take care of all of the paperwork, grading and copying I have to do.  That, in my opinion is the worst part of teaching.

I would also like to work part time (on a full time salary, of course!) so that I could have the best of both worlds; teach and spend more time with my littles.  If I could dream a little more, I would love for my school to have the funding to send myself and my students on a mission trip every year.  It would be awesome to have the capabilities and the financing to go help in disaster relief areas and underdeveloped countries.

Dreaming a little more…I would like to spend my summers working as a camp counselor for disadvantages or special needs children.  I would love to see these kids have a real camp experience and be included to the maximum extent.  There are so many opportunities for the average run-of-the-mill child, but not enough for those who either can’t afford camp or can’t find a camp that fits the need of the child.

Finally, if teaching wasn’t an option, I would like to work at an art museum…because, obviously…art is awesome.


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