A Losing Battle

My daughter has hijacked my iPad. It is a big problem. My iPad was the last thing in the house that was truly mine. And she wants to use it ALL.BY.MYSELF!!!!! She’s all, “Doc McStuffins, NOW!!!!” And I do it because I have to pick my battles these days and, frankly, I would rather have her eat dinner then fuss about what is mine and hers.

I love three so much. She is spunky and funny and cute and awesome and “please and thank you” and just plain silly. But, she is also cranky and fussy and all-knowing and a bit of a pain at times.
I can see the teenage years…and they are going to be full!

So, please excuse me now, my post must end, the dictator in my house needs her iPad back!

20121113-193300.jpg thank you very much


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