That’s What I Like

I am a pretty easy person to buy gifts for.  I am basically thrilled with any gifts that I get.  A long time ago my parents instilled in me that whatever someone gives you a proper thank you in a must.  So, I have always been happy with the gifts I have been given.

I thought I would take a few minutes today and create a list of things I would love to receive if money was not an object…so, here they are:

TOMS.  I have wanted them for a long time, but I am too cheap to buy them for myself.  I would really love a sparkly pair but maybe a red pair or I would really be happy with any of them.  The chevron pattern is pretty cool too.  Since they would be fun, frivolous shoes, it really does not matter what color/design.  I would also like a pair for Megan and Tyler too, because little TOMS are even cuter than big TOMS.

TIFFANY SNOWFLAKE PENDANT: Obviously!  I love Tiffany jewlry and I love the snow, so I think this would be a beautiful addition to my (very small) collection of jewlry.

ITUNES: I love my ipad, but I want more frivilious money to spend on frivilious apps and movies and such.  I would love a HUGE GC so that money was not an object for the next year.

MICHAEL KORS JEANS: I love the way all of Michael Kors clothes fit me.  His jeans are no exception.  It would be awesome to have these jeans all wrapped up and under the tree for me this year.

THE VINTAGE PEARL:  I love everything from this site.  I think I am going to get my mom a bracelet with Megan and Tyler on it.  I received a necklace from this store when Tyler was born with both kids name on it.  I loved it so much, but it broke rather quickly after I got it.  I do believe it was a fluke, but since it broke I have wanted another one!


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