Saturday “Work In”

Why is it that when you become an adult and have your own home things start to multiply? No matter how much time I spend organizing, cleaning out, and shift things around the house I still have TOO MUCH STUFF.

The Disabled Veterans of America sent out one of those “all calls” for stuff and it was like a message from God. They will be in my neighborhood on Wednesday and I am determined to get out what needs to just GET OUT of my house. I am on “Operation Get it Out!” as we speak. I started in Megan’s room yesterday and I am not leaving the house until every bit of clothing, furniture, and bedding has a place.

I guess you could call this the seven year itch of our house…except that I have been here eight years. I will have pictures of the piles when things are complete. Yes. I feel better already.

On a side note, I always forget how much I love Chipolte, especially the left overs. I am having the other half of my burrito now and it is amazing. I tried brown rice. I verdict is meh.


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