A House of Sick

We have been a house of sickies for the past two weeks. Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, fevers…we could have been a commercial for cold medicine. Yesterday I had Megan at the doctor because she has just been so miserable. One twenty-five dollar co-pay and a double ear infection diagnosis later, we were off the fill the prescription. I think we all slept like 15 hours yesterday.

This morning, oh, this morning. It was like the sky lifted and someone shined a bright light upon our home. Everyone is finally feeling better!!!! Thank goodness. We went to church this morning and not a tissue was used, not a cough could be heard. It was magical.

I think we are going to do more of the same laying around today. Tomorrow it is back to work, back to the gym, back to reality. I am kind of happy about it. I love the holidays, but I am a total creature of habit, so I am so much happier with order and predictability in my life. I know Christmas is right around the corner, but I am going to savor the calm before the storm. I am looking forward to spending some quiet nights at home watching movies and eating popcorn with my favorite little elfs.

As far as Black Friday went, I sort of thought the deals were lack-luster and I didn’t really find the perfect gifts for anyone. We did, however, find us a great new TV for the basement and an amazing stand from IKEA. I love that place. I really do. I could hang out there or work there.

I just noticed that I have been sever,y lacking in my post everyday in November challenge. But, I still feel good about myself. I posted a lot more than I have in any other month. Good for me!

I will leave you with a cute pic from Thanksgiving day. Love those PJs!

Have a great Sunday.



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