A Smart Solution!

Remember a couple weeks ago when I blogged about Megan taking over my iPad?  It has really been a problem for me because I do want to have at least one thing in my house that is mine (okay, call me greedy!).  Well,  over the weekend a solution has been found.



Those Vtech people, they are so smart.  They designed the Innotab2 as a relatively inexpensive ($99 compared to a $500 iPad), less breakable, so cool solution for parents everywhere with my issue!  I love them!  I could kiss them!  They are not sponsoring this post (who am I kidding?!?) but if they wanted to send me all kinds of free stuff to keep and review I would gladly accept!!!!!

Megan and Tyler are going to be proud owners of this awesome device (they are each getting one…we do not share well in our household of 3 and almost 2!)  from Uncle Denny for Christmas.  He is beyond happy because he has been looking for an awesome learning toy for each of them.  I am insanely happy because I will have my property back.  Uncle Denny and Vtech for the win!

I have a feeling this is going to be the best Christmas to date.  It is like I am getting an iPad all over again!  Horray!!!!

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