I want to write…but I have been sick for 100 days!

Unfortunately, this blog has taken a back burner to the non-stop, very annoying, monster flu of 2012. This is week number 6 of heavy cough, sneezing, upset stomach, sore throat, running nose, over-all ick! There is not amount of penicillin, Z-pack, NyQuil, Tylenol Cold and Sinus, or anything else that will cure me of this horrid state that I am in…and every morning I think I am going to be better and everyday is a disappointment. I feel like my life has been on hold since the week before Thanksgiving. Oh, and don’t worry, the kids have the same thing…so it is just a hot mess in my neck of the woods.

In between illness and despair and horribleness we have had some fun! And Christmas blessings! And travels! No no no, my family will not let the plague stop us from having the best holiday season ever! The question is…where do I start?

I guess I wil start a couple of weeks ago. In Cincinnati the Ohio National Insurance Group does an awesome Christmas Village every year. When we went the weather was great and I only had one sick kid (Ty = ear infection) and the kids loved it. Megan went especially crazy over the train ride to and from the festivities. It was amazing. She also loved hanging on the displayed and acting like she had never been out of the house before. Tyler loved holding onto me for dear life. Per his M.O.

20121210-172011.jpg Ty is creeping in the red vest

We also headed up to Canton, OH for the Ohio High School State Final football game. Many of my former students play for Cincinnati Moeller and I wanted to get up there and cheer those boys on! They did not disappoint. Moeller creamed their opponents and I might have just gotten a bit teary-eyed when I saw those boys hold up the trophy. I am so pleased not only that they are stellar athletes, but men for others as well. Megan slept through the whole game (Meg = unknown illness that deserves a post in itself). I had to get a picture of Ty with the field behind him. We all know he is going to be on that field in 16 short years.

20121210-200751.jpg can’t you see that smile on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

This past weekend we went to the UAW “Breakfast with Santa.” Can I just say, it was incredible. D you remember when you were little and you went to and old fashioned Christmas Party? It was just like that!!!! Every kids got a little present and went to different stations for craft projects and cake walks and make your own hand print ornament and all sorts of fun stuff. I love things that are family -centered and fun for everyone. It was such a wonderful time. We will be back year after year after year. Megan was a trooper and walked right up to Santa to get her request in for a “Pizza Kitchen!!!” and “Doc McStuffins doctor kit!!!!!” And she even wanted them painted on her cheeks…precious, I tell you.

20121210-172117.jpgshe settled on a snowman!

I am hoping this week I will return to a regular blogging schedule…but we will see, it depends on if coughing takes over my life…again.