Snug as a Bug

We have a bath time ritual. It starts downstairs when I ask the kids “who is ready for a bath?” They run to the steps and pretend to sleep on them. It is adorable. I walk up and make a big deal about how “Megan and Tyler are sleeping on the steps…I guess I will have to step on them!” And then I pretend to step on them. They think it is hilarious…and so do I. I need to take a picture of it.


20121213-134956.jpg updated:I caught a picture of it last night!

When we get to the bathroom I like to let them play in the tub for a while. They love their little toys and I like the time to fold laundry, clean the sinks, and sometimes even the toilet. It is a nice way to wind down the day.


The best part of our ritual is when I get them out of the tub. Tyler is always first. I pick him up and swaddle him in a towel just like I swaddled him when he was days old. It reminds me of that little newborn babe. I also yell out “Machito Burrito” which has no real meaning except that we know it and it is funny to us. Then I get Tyler dressed and the same thing happens with Megan.



It is not a big deal, but it is a treasured memory that I am making with my kids. In the back of my head I am always reminding myself that it is the little things that I remember about my parents and my childhood. Sure the trips we took and the birthday parties they planned were always amazing. But the most precious memories I have are of my dads “kiss through the bars” when I was going upstairs to bed and my mom waking us up in the morning saying “let’s get up, it is your special day!” Even though it was just an ordinary Tuesday.

I want my kids to have a life they can look back on with fond, happy memories of the ordinary life we lead. To us, it is special.