Christmas is Not Just a Day

I make it a point to always say “Merry Christmas!”. You will never hear me say “Happy Holidays” and I will never apologize for my beliefs.

In our household, Christmas is a way of life. It is not just a date on the calendar but a start to a new year in Christ. We celebrate Christmas every Sunday when we gather with our community in prayer. We live Christmas when we give of our time, talent and treasure throughout the year. Christmas is an attitude of living each day to the greater glory of God. Christ is in my heart 365 days a year and I am installing that feeling into my children daily.

Christmas Day may be filled with too many presents to count and more food than should be consumed in one day. We have spent the last few weeks preparing ourselves for this special day just as we would prepare for a very special birthday for any of our children. We will celebrate with family and friends, but we will also spend time in prayer and worship celebrating the greatest human being who ever lived.

Born in a barn to teenage parents with no money or food or social standing in the world, this precious babe grew to be the most known person in history. Christian or not, everyone knows who Jesus was and who he is. Doesn’t his mere existence teach us a huge lesson about the possibilities everyone has in this world? And his motto of being a servant for others teaches a lesson in service without speaking in words.

So in preparing myself for the coming of our savior I have promised myself that I will spend more time smiling than stressing about presents…I will spend more time dancing than standing over a stove…and I will spend more time affirming my love for people than shopping for the perfect gift. I believe the perfect gift is one that does not have to be purchased but is the gift of the presence of our loved ones, both friends and family.

“As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”~Isaiah 24:15<!