Merry and Bright


We had a wonderful Christmas holiday. It was filled with just the right amount of running and visiting and hanging out at home. There were many highlights, but I think the best part of the extended holiday was being with the people I love.

20121228-080004.jpgespecially these two

We will continue our celebration this weekend as we head to one of my oldest, dearest friend’s home for an old fashioned family get-together. There will only be a couple of my girlfriends and their families missing (they live far far away!). It is going to be a lot of fun. It’s strange to look at life now and see all of the girls I spent so much time growing up with. I have been friends with many of my girls since we rode to kindergarten together a million years ago (more like 30). Now we have our own lives and are own families, but we are like an extension of each other and I just love it.

For now, I will photo bomb this post with some great pictures from the last few days…

20121228-080514.jpgTy’s favorite gift..Buzz Lightyear!!!!!!

20121228-080606.jpgMegan as a princess

20121228-080726.jpgopening presents…he “got it” this year

20121228-080816.jpgshe was very neat about opening gifts