On Friendship

Last night was great. Three of my best girls and their husbands and kids hung out and it was awesome. My friend has an amazing house with an equally amazing play room on the second floor that keeps kids occupied for hours. A few times I went up there and Megan and her buddies were having a band concert/fashion show. I had a moment…I might have died of cuteness for a minute.

The fact is, I miss my best girlfriends. We are all spread out in different cities and I hate that. I wish we lived in the same neighborhood and could borrow a cup of sugar or a babysitter when needed. I long for friends like them in my city. It is so hard to make true, great friends as an adult. Most of the time I feel so isolated. I live in a really young neighborhood, but I have not been able to develop the type of friendships I long for. One of my goals for 2013 is to put myself out there more and make some good friends…or at least extend myself enough to invite neighbors over for playtime/adult conversation time.

Alas, my goals are going have a whole post of their own…

20121230-130307.jpg I am going to miss lazy mornings with coffee and delicious creamer and staying in jammies until noon. Every break I fall into a lovely routine of slow mornings of coffee, playing games, and watching shows. I love that more than anything else. My kids got some rocking toys from Santa this year and I have really enjoyed playing with them!

In other news, I created my first snowman ever. It was not easy and did not turn out well, but Megan and I had a blast.

She also LOVED LOVED LOVED making snow angels. And I loved watching her do it.

20121230-130806.jpg Please ignore the fact that she was not in proper clothing at all. Do not call child protection…we were at my moms and she was lucky to even have boots. We only stayed out long enough to have cold noses and finger and then headed inside for the obligatory cup of hot coco.

Tyler napped during all of these happenings, but I could never have a post without him in it…so here you go:


Enjoy your Sunday! I will be hanging out at home…I am not leaving today. YES!!!!!!!