January Goals

20130102-145056.jpg Look who had a sleep-over in the front hall last night!!!

I started today on a very high note. I am super excited to have attainable goals for 2013! I woke up feeling very driven and happy. Today is my last day of Christmas vacation. It seems like every break it gets harder and harder to go back. I have so enjoyed the stay at home mom life these past two weeks. Not to say that it has been easy, but it has been very rewarding. But I know tomorrow when I get back to my classroom I will be glad to be there. I do love my school and my students so much.

I spent eighty minutes exercising today. I felt like since I had the time I should make the best of it. I really thought after taking the whole month of December off because of the plague I would feel horrible and sluggish. But, alas, I felt great. I was able to pick back up on week #5 of couch to 5K and I did a total of 4.25 miles in the treadmill in an hour. This is extremely good for me. I also decided since there was a good segment on the Today Show coming on (wedding dresses on a budget) I would move on the elliptical trainer for at least ten minutes (I made it twenty!).

After the gym we went to Target…my favorite…and shopped for some healthy options for lunches. Lunch is always hard for me because I have a very short break (20 minutes) and I am starving because lunch is at 12:30. I am always looking for food that is easy to prepare and packs a lot of punch. I found a ton of great frozen veggies and meals that I think will be delicious and I will remain under the calorie count I gave myself for lunch. I feel good when I have delicious things that are also healthy. I also found some snack bars to eat at my 10:45 break and hopefully they will help to curb my appetite at lunch time.

When I got home I was famished, but instead of grabbing the fastest thing possible, I thought about what I was hungry for and made myself a really delicious salad with red and yellow peppers, iceberg lettuce, slivered almonds and balsamic dressing. The highlight of my lunch was going to be half of an avocado but in the craziness of getting the kids fed and myself fed I forgot it! So, I might have it for a snack later.

Along with my goals for 2013, I am going to continue with monthly goals as well.
Here they are:
1. Join an exercise class and commit to it once a week.
2. Exercise at least one day of the weekend (basically move and get active on weekends).
3. Find and sign-up for a 5K.

These goals are super attainable and will help me to get closer to the bigger goals I have for myself. Also, I am going to give myself a reward system for weight loss. My first reward will be at 10 pounds; once I lose 10 pounds I will reward myself with a new work-out outfit. YAY!!!

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