Help! I am Going Crazy!



I need help!

Megan has majorly regressed with potty training.  I mean, she has had a poopy accident a day since before Christmas.  It has become a major issue in my house.

I have tried to punish her (“No “shows” until you are a big girl and poop on the potty!”).   I have tried reasoning with her (“If you poop on the potty you can play games on Mommy’s iPad!”).   I have put her back in Pull-ups (gave her a rash).  I have given her an incentive (“If you poop on the potty like a big girl for 5 days straight I will take you to a bounce house!”).

Nothing, I mean, NOTHING is working.  It is making me insane and she does not seem to care.  I have read a ton of books and it all goes back to letting it happen when she is ready.  I am trying my best to be patient and try not to make a big deal out of it or embarrass her.  The thing is, I think she is doing this on purpose, to get my attention or something.  Is it possible for her to be jealous of Tyler after all of these months?

Yesterday at the gym I was called out of my work-out because it happened again.  I took Meg to the bathroom, cleaned her up, and she acted as if nothing had happened.  In fact, she threw a royal fit because I was ready to leave!  I over-heard her tell the babysitter, “I wish I hadn’t pooped my pants because I want to stay with Sydney!!!!!”

I have read on a few other blogs about the trials and tribulations of potty training, so I know I am not alone on this issue…and for some reason this comforts me, strange as that may seem.  I guess misery loves company!!!!

Megan has so many awesome qualities.  I love the girl.  She is funny and witty and head strong.  These qualities make for disaster when it comes to getting her to do something she does not want to do.

I have only one question left…do you know where they sell bigger then size 6 diapers????


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