Weighty Wednesday

Week #1 Stats:
Pounds Lost: 1.6
Total Loss: 1.6
Pounds away from Goal: 58.4

I can’t say that I am disappointed in the way this week turned out for me. I can say that is was harder and easier than I expected it to be; harder, because it was difficult to get back into the swing of eating healthy and making good choices each day; easier because I felt better and better about myself with each passing day and the accomplishments I made (especially in the gym).

I made a commitment to go back to http://www.myfitnesspal.com this year. I think it is a great website and I need to utilize more than just the food and fitness tracking. Every time I re-commit to watching my calories I am amazed at how little one can eat when she is dieting! I know it should not be a shock by any means, but when I have no more calories left for the day and it is 3 pm it is like a reality check and a good boost to get myself to the gym!

I was impressed with my stamina at the gym this week. I was right back where I left off in the beginning of December. Most days I did a combination of running (jogging)/walking on the treadmill for about an hour. I also started back with the elliptical Trainer that I love so much. Those work-outs are heard and sweaty but they feel oh so good!

What I am disappointed in is the number on the scale. If I am being honest I was pretty shocked this morning. I know I am .4 above what my goal for each week is (1.2 pounds/week) but truly I expected a huge number this week. I made major changes to my lifestyle and less than a two pound loss really feels like a slap in the face. Truthfully, I am depressed about it. Not an “I am going to eat my way through today” depressed. But, I am feeling low and I kind of feel like crying and I know I am being silly, but I still am allowed to feel sad.

After all, it is my life and my emotions, and my goals. I am going to let myself really feel this one.
Today I am going to be sad, but I am not going to let it affect my goals and what I need to accomplish in the weeks to come. I will be back at the gym this afternoon and my eating is already in check for the day. Onward and upward as they say!

Did anyone else weigh in this morning? Does anyone care to join me in my journey this week?


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