On Blogging

<By nature, I think there a two types of Bloggers…the ones who over-dramatize their lives (“OH my gosh, I went to Target and the world caved in and suddenly I had a great idea to save the world all while making my own baby food, using cloth diapers and running 10 miles!”)…and the ones who over-romanticize their lives (“I love my husband so much we never fight, we have sex all the time, and he makes me breakfast in bed!  Having a newborn is so much fun, especially feeding her in the middle of the night…what a great way to bond with baby and my husband who brings me water and rubs my feet while I am nursing!”)

I have to admit, I love both types of Bloggers.  I love reading about other people who are in the same cycle of life that I am.  I also love reading about people who are doing things I don’t think I could ever do (hello, Ultra Athletes!).  And I love reading and looking at pictures of people who make life seem so easy.  That is why I read blogs.  Do I think people who write blogs are 100% honest all the time?  Maybe some are, but I think the majority of Bloggers write just about a small portion of their lives…the portion that is awesome and put together and beautiful (especially pictures).

I think I said this before, but some blogs I have been reading so long that I consider their writers my “friends.”  I laugh with them and cry with them and I am just happy to read about anything they write.  One of my favorites just decided to stop blogging because she felt so much pressure to be a “perfect” Blogger and it was taking from her present life.  I am sad about that. 

I hope my blog never turns into something that I feel obligated to do or that I start having a “keeping up with the Jones’” mentality.  I blog because I like it.  I write about things that I care about.  I don’t stress if I post a picture that is not in focus or if I misspelled a word.  I am not perfect, nor is my blog.  I am just me and I am fine with that.

In the end, I am not writing to impress anyone or to be “pinned” or “tweeted” or “tagged.”  I am just here and that is enough.
For your viewing enjoyment, Megan at 6 months…what a cutie!
a href=”https://lifelessonsbyliz.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/cute-megan1.jpg”&gt;Cute Megan


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