Food Blogger, I am Not

I am not a food blogger…I would never claim to be one. I am a full time working mom that is trying to lose weight. I try and go to the gym after work everyday which means that my nights are short and when I walk through the door with my gym bag and toddlers in hand we are ready to eat. In an effort to lose said weight, I have been trying to find some “healthier” go-to items to get in the pan and in my belly in less than 15 minutes. Sometimes they are winners (hello, Target frozen veggie mixes, I love you!) and sometimes they are major misses.

Last night was a BIG LOSER! I hated every bite. In fact, I only got through a few bites before I had to just say no and call it a loss. If you are ever tempted to try this, please know you have been warned.

The thing is, I have tried a bunch of items from Thai Kitchen and I have loved them. I have even made the Pad Thai dish from the recipe on the back of the Lite Coconut Milk and thought it was fantastic. This, my friends, was awful. No amount of extra soy sauce, lime juice, or peanut butter could help it. The noodles were sticky, the sauce was bland, and the only thing that tasted good was the egg that I fried in preparation for the dish.

I am not really in a food rut, I have been trying a lot of clean, healthy, homemade recipes and I have been loving them. I have been eating a ton of veggies and am even going to get around to eating one vegetarian dish a week. Last night was just, well, a miss and I am okay with it. Except I am so cheap I hate throwing food money away.

One last thing…Ellen was so funny yesterday. She had on texts that the words had been auto-corrected to say the most inappropriate things. Hilarious. Talk about a good season, she is awesomely funny!

Ever had a dinner disaster? Please share in my misery!


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