Thursday Confessional

I have a confession…I get frustrated very easily. When I am not good at something or when someone does not meet my expectations, I get frustrated and annoyed quickly. It is a good thing I don’t hold grudges because I would have a long list. Generally my frustrations only last a few minutes and then I am over it. I guess that is another thing I might add; I forgive and forget easily. Very easily.

Here are 10 random things about me you might or might not know:
1. The month before I met my husband I swore off men and was seriously considering joining the religious life. My parents gave me the ring they had been waiting to give my future spouse (to give to me for an engagement) for my birthday one day before I met Shawn.

2. I have been best friends with most of my girls for over 30 years. Loyalty much?

3. I could eat chips and salsa and guacamole until I throw up. I do not have an off switch and I can keep eating and eating and eating.

4. Laying out in the sun could possibly be my favorite activity in life. I spent much of my teens and twenties sitting by the pool/beach sunning myself. Even though I know it is harmful for my skin, I would KILL to have one solid day in the summer to lay out.

5. I am obsessed with the new show Scandal. If you do not watch it, you should.

6. I am extremely sensitive/emotional. I cry at the drop of a hat. In fact, this morning I cried over a blog post.

7. I can never decide if I like salty or sweet snacks better.

8. When I go on a trip, the day before I try to talk myself out of going. I always fear that I am going to have a terrible time and would rather stay home (but it always ends up fine and fun and I look back and think how crazy I was about worrying).

9. Writing cards/letters and mailing them is something I never tire of. I think sending mail to people is one of the most personal/loving things you could do for a person.

10. If a person were to come to the school I work with ill intentions and a gun, you better believe I would fight to the death to save my students. I spend way too much time thinking about a safe plan for my classroom…sign of the times, I guess.

Do you have any confessions you would like to share today?


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