500 miles and No Place to Go!

I drove roughly 500 miles this weekend and did not spend one night away from home. Crazy, right?

My road trip started on Friday afternoon when I picked the kids after work and headed to Columbus to pick up my mom. She is not able to drive because of her neck issues and she was getting a little stir-crazy at home. We picked her up and headed back to Cincy, stopping for dinner on the way.

Conveniently my mom was able to babysit on Saturday so we could head to Springfield for a super awesome going away party that Beth hosted. What I love about Beth is that I not only love her but her friends and her extended family. When you are in her home everybody knows your name (Que the “Cheers” music!). Some of the people there I have not seen in years but I felt like no time had past at all. I love that. Even Shawn said how nice everyone was and what a comfortable place it is to be in. I know she is going to miss her brother and his wife and her niece terribly as they are moving to Texas, but I also know how lucky she is to be supported by these great people.
There were a lot of highlights from the night but I must say what takes the cake is coming home to an immaculately clean house with both kids tucked safely into bed. I love my mom…really…I love her so much.

Today I headed back to Columbus to take my mom home. This time it was an even quicker turn around as Megan and Tyler were both sleeping and I didn’t dare wake them up by shutting off the car. I am not crazy friends…let sleeping babies lie.

Now I am home and trying to figure out where I lost my iPhone in my 500 miles of travel. I am sure I placed it on the top of my car this morning on the way to church and forgot it was there. I can pretty much bet that my phone is sitting in a ditch within a 2 mile radius of my home. Sucky. This confirms, I am indeed an idiot.

I have not taken a picture in weeks. I am going to start again right after I find my phone; so that will probably be never.

Have a great MLK day. I will be practicing my freedom of speech by trying out new phones. Obviously.


7 thoughts on “500 miles and No Place to Go!

  1. Susan says:

    I hope you get a phone quick. I have been texting you. 😌 I need to get you one of those phone alarms that go off if you are seperated from your phone so you don’t get more than 5 feet. I will look into it.

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